5 Reasons Cremation Is So Popular

There are a few different methods of burial people choose for themselves or loved ones when they pass. One of those is cremation, which is definitely the more popular choice. If you are wondering why this is because you aren't sure whether or not to go that route, you should know these five main reasons cremation is so popular.

  1. Saves Money: The number-one reason cremation is so popular is because it is much more affordable. This allows you to spend more on the funeral, which, to many people, is more important because it is the celebration of a loved one's life. The reason cremation is more affordable is because you don't have to purchase a casket and don't have to worry about the larger cost of burial since not as much earth will need to be dug up. 
  2. Options for Final Resting Place: With cremation, you can choose to scatter the ashes, which some people will consider doing over the ocean or at their favorite landmark, so long as it is allowed. You can even have your loved one's ashes placed in an urn and kept in the house with you. Another option that is becoming popular is having the ashes stored in memorial plaque walls, which is especially popular for veterans. However, you can still choose to have the ashes buried with a plaque placed on top of the burial spot. 
  3. Leaves More Land Space: The biggest benefit for the earth is that it leaves more land space to be used for other burials, trees, plants, and more. This allows burial sites to do more with the land. 
  4. Funeral Doesn't Have to be Rushed: If you are burying the body, the body will need to be preserved. However, it won't last long, which is why the funeral will need to be fast, especially if you want to have a viewing. When you choose cremation, it allows you to spend more time planning the funeral and getting friends and family out to visit for the funeral without it being last minute. 
  5. Better for the Environment: Not only does cremation conserve land space, but it also requires less chemicals. When you bury the body and you use chemicals to preserve the body, these chemicals are released into the environment, which can actually be harmful to it. On top of this, using a large casket also requires many resources, which is especially harmful to the environment if you choose wood. 

When you know these five reasons to consider cremation instead of other burial methods, you can see why it is such a popular choice and why it may be the best option for you and your family. Talk to a funeral home such as Holmes Funeral Home for more information.