Tips for Making a Special Area in Your Yard for Scattering Loved One’s Ashes

When a beloved family member passes away and his or her body is cremated, you face the decision of how to deal with the ashes. Some people ask that their ashes are distributed in a special location, while others request that their ashes are kept in an urn by the family. Another idea is to scatter them in your yard; this way, you'll always feel that your loved family member is nearby. Instead of just dumping them into the lawn or garden, it's nice to do so in a special area that can serve as a memorial for your late family member. Here are some ideas to help make this area special.

Pick the Right Spot

In selecting the area that you'll distribute your family member's ashes, find a spot in your yard that feels right. For example, if there's a shade tree in the back corner, this might be applicable. Or, perhaps there's an ideal spot next to a beautiful flower garden. Try to pick an area that has a certain degree of peacefulness; in the center of the lawn where your kids play tackle football probably isn't the best location.

Beautify the Area

Depending on the spot that you've selected, you might wish to do a little yard work to beautify the area. For example, you could think about planting some flowers next to where you'll sprinkle the ashes. If you take this approach, think about the blooms that your late family member would most enjoy. For more elaborate ideas, think about installing a bird bath, a small pond or another similar backyard feature. These additions can add to the tranquility of the space.

Add Some Seating Options

If you want to use the special space in your yard for quiet self-reflection while feeling that your deceased loved one is nearby, install a place to sit. This could be as simple as moving a lawn chair to the area, or as complex as building a bench out of logs. If this is an area that multiple family members will enjoy together, a few seats will be ideal.

Place a Special Marking

You can further increase the special nature of the area by adding a special marking. For example, visit an engraving shop and have a small brass plaque with the name of your loved one and the years of his or her life engraved on it, and then affix it to a large stone in the area. Or, simply set it in the earth. Once you've done all this preparation to make the space special, you can distribute the ashes with your family members.

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