Eco-Friendly Funerals And Biodegradable Burials

If you want to pay tribute to someone special, consider making a positive step for the environment with an eco-friendly funeral or burial. Talk with funeral directors and vendors about ways to curb the carbon footprint left behind when you are laying a loved one to rest.

Some tips for an environmentally-friendly funeral or burial include:

Burial. Consider buying a biodegradable casket for natural burial sites. This will help prevent the chemicals and toxins from processed and manufactured caskets from seeping into the ground. You can also build your own casket, from recycled wood or materials, for your own DIY funeral.

Cremation. Direct cremation doesn't use the chemicals, makeup, and cosmetics that end up costing money—and that compromise your goal to be environmentally-friendly. Make a plan to pick up the ashes after cremation and purchase your own urn. Consider also recycling something to serve as your urn; any quart-sized or larger container with a tight-fitting lid will work well.

Maritime. Another green approach to interment is to scatter your remains at sea. There are no well-defined rules related to scattering ashes, but be sure not to throw the urn or container overboard. If you are planning on a traditional burial at sea, you will need to stick to regional laws and protocols related to the distance offshore that you plan to bury. This varies based on where you live, and anyone who is planning these types of interments is encouraged to report it to the Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) prior.

Alternatives. There are some other burial alternatives that are very natural and eco-friendly including tree orbs. These resemble bulbs that allow you to place cremated remains inside and that sprouts into a tree when you bury it in the ground. This is a wonderful way to leave a lasting memory of your loved one that has passed.

Markers. When it comes to headstones, go with something natural and simple—like granite! Keep things eco-friendly by opting out of varnishes, sealants, and treatments that could contain toxic chemicals that will seep into the ground on your burial site. Ask a mason or headstone manufacturer about other options that are kinder to the earth.

Think about what you want to leave behind; consider these tips to make the funeral more environmentally-friendly and to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. Talk with funeral homes about some 'green' options, as well as to make arrangements for your final wishes. For more information, contact local professionals like Maurice Moore Memorials.