Do’s And Don’ts When Planning A Veteran’s Funeral

Veterans are heroes for every American. Thanks to their service, people enjoy their freedom and all the joy that comes with it. Sadly, when it comes to planning a funeral for a veteran who has passed away, their service is sometimes forgotten. When considering veteran's funeral packages, keep these important do's and don'ts in mind.

Do Acknowledge the Veteran's Service in Every Part of the Funeral

A veteran has willingly chosen to risk their life for the greater good of their country and other citizens. It says a lot about the person, and their selflessness and sacrifice should be acknowledged as positive character traits as part of the funeral. Therefore, it's a good idea to integrate their service in every part of the funeral. For example, you may opt for something patriotic on the casket itself. The eulogy should mention this part of the person's life, and you may even choose to mention it on the gravestone.

Don't Forget to Acknowledge the Real Person Behind the Bravery

When it comes to the funeral of a veteran, sometimes who the person is can get lost in the tributes to their bravery. No matter how wonderful and heroic a veteran may be, they were still just a human with the same faults and frailties that other human beings possess. Making them sound like an immortal hero doesn't do anyone any good and is a disservice to the multifaceted person that the veteran was. While it's important to call attention to their heroism, don't forget to present all the aspects of the person that loved ones will want to remember.

Do Keep Things Positive

Although some people may not be content with the way that things are currently going in the country, that has nothing to do with the person's choice to enlist to help their country. You may find that some people disagree with certain wars that some veterans fought in. If the deceased was a veteran of a controversial war, you may choose to avoid mentioning the war. On the other hand, if the person was proud of being a veteran of that war, you may choose to speak on it in a positive light. In other words, you could talk about how the person's actions were motivated out of their desire for peace. A little positivity can go a long way when paying your last respects.

Finally, keep in mind that a veteran's funeral should pay tribute to both their heroism and the person that they were throughout their lives. A person can be remembered as a veteran even if they only served for a year. Simply judge how much of an emphasis that you want to give to their service, and you will be well on your way to honoring their memory and legacy at the funeral.