Commemorate Your Recently Deceased Grandfather’s Love Of Building Clocks

If your grandfather recently passed away and will be cremated, prior to their memorial service, commemorate their love of building clocks throughout their lifetime and share their talent with guests during their memorial service by using the following suggestions.

As a result, your loved one will be remembered for the person that they were and guests will be provided with small tokens that will help them remember your family member once the event is over.

Photo Albums That Display A Timeline

Look through photographs of your grandfather that you have collected over the years and select some that display key moments in their life. Take the pictures that you have selected to a professional photographer and have copies of the pictures made.

Arrange the pictures inside of small photo albums and provide a description of each picture by writing on self-adhesive labels and adhering the labels underneath corresponding photographs. Hand out the photo albums to guests as they arrive for the memorial service for your loved one.

Framed Photographs Of A Favorite Masterpiece

Search through the clocks that your grandfather built and owned during his life and choose the one that he considered to be the most special. It there was a specific clock that he built years ago and sold, but a picture of it is still available, use it instead. Have the photograph that you have selected blown up so that all of its characteristics can easily be seen.

Once copies of the picture have been made, have them framed by a professional. Give each attendee of the ceremony one of the framed pictures so that they can hang it up in their home or business and share it with other family members and friends in the future.

Small Timepieces That Hold Photos Or Ashes

Visit a jeweler and purchase some small timepieces from them that that each contain a small compartment that is designed to hold a photograph or ashes from a loved one's urn. Necklaces, bracelets, or anklets that each contain a timepiece and that are designed to help the wearer remember a loved one who passed will be cherished by each person who receives one and can be passed on to future generations.

If each jewelry piece has an inscription engraved into part of it, it will provide all of the items with a personalized appearance that may be further appreciated by the recipients and help them feel closer to your grandfather. For more help, contact a funeral home like Romero Family Funeral Home Corp.