4 Things To Know About Caskets When Planning A Funeral

If you are planning a funeral, one of the more expensive parts of the entire process is purchasing a casket for your loved one to be buried in. Here are a few things that you need to know about caskets when planning a funeral.

#1 List Of Prices

When you go to a funeral home and inform them that you need to purchase a casket, the first thing they should do is hand you a piece of paper that lists the prices of all the different caskets that they sell. This will allow you to get an idea of the price range and types of caskets that they sell. The funeral home may not have all these caskets out to view, which is why it is important to look this list over carefully when choosing the casket that you want to bury your loved one in.

#2 Caskets For Display

After they hand you the list of prices, they will show you a few caskets. These are generally going to be some of their nicest, top of the line caskets. These are going to be some of the most expensive caskets that they sell. Remember, they have more stock than what they are showing you. You don't have to purchase one of the caskets that they have out for display, you can purchase one from their list as well.

#3 Sealed Or Gasketed Caskets

Some funeral homes sell caskets that are sealed and completely air tight. When caskets are air tight, the gases from the body will not be able to be released and as a result, the body in the casket will eventually completely decompose into a pile of liquids. When caskets are not air tight, and air is able to circulate through the casket, the gases that a body releases as it decomposes are able to be released from the gasket. This results in the body becoming dehydrated over time, leaving behind the basic structure of a body.

#4 Outside Purchases

Finally, if you don't see the casket that you want at the funeral home, you can buy one elsewhere. You are not obligated to purchase a casket from the funeral home that is preparing your loved ones body and where the service will be held. If another funeral home or company has the casket that you want, you can purchase it and bring it to the funeral home, such as Elmwood Meunier Funeral Home, yourself to be used for your loved one's funeral and burial.