Understanding Some Basic Facts About Funeral Flowers

If you have never planned a funeral, but need to figure out how to do so after a family member dies, then you may be confused about the decisions you need to make. Funeral planning can be extremely confusing. If you have specific questions and concerns, then it is wise to speak to someone at a funeral home. One of the things they can help you with is picking out the flowers. If you want to know about some basics about funeral flowers beforehand, then keep reading.

Funeral Flowers Are Different Than Sympathy Flowers

If you have ever purchased flowers and sent them to a friend after a death in their family, then you are familiar with sympathy flowers. Sympathy flowers are the arrangements sent to the loved ones of a deceased individual. The flowers are meant to show thoughtfulness in a time of sorrow. For this reason, sympathy flowers are typically small and pleasant arrangements that can be placed on a table or somewhere else in the home.

Funeral flowers are different from sympathy flowers because they are meant to adorn the casket, the funeral service, and the gravesite. The flowers are meant to respect the deceased. They are tribute flowers that are rarely kept by loved ones. The arrangements are typically quite large and admired by the people attending the wake, funeral, and burial. 

While funeral flowers are traditional, you do not need to purchase large assortments of blossoms. You can instead stick with simple and traditional arrangements like a basic casket assortment or a memorial wreath. 

All Flowers Can Be Chosen

Funeral homes and florists will often have specific arrangements that can be purchased for funerals. Typically, you can choose the different flowers from a catalog or an assortment of pictures. However, some people find flowers like lilies, carnations, and gladiolas a bit somber. These flowers are the traditional ones that mark a somber occasion, but they do not need to be included in a funeral arrangment. In fact, all flowers are appropriate.

Bright flower arrangements that feature flowers like daisies, roses, snapdragons, and tulips are available for funerals. These arrangements often signify the celebration of life and the joy your loved one brought to your life. Bright arrangements also look a bit more modern, and they can help to retain a more celebratory atmosphere during a funeral. 

Funeral flowers can be quite expensive, so if you are open to bright colors and less traditional flowers, then make sure to ask the funeral home about which blooms are in season. Seasonal flowers are usually less expensive and will help to keep costs down.