Special Considerations When Making Gravestone Decisions For A Teenager

Few things are more heartbreaking than the loss of a young person, but that is sadly something that parents face each day for a variety of tragic reasons. Making choices about the funeral and gravestone can be especially challenging right after a loss, but it is important that these choices honor the short life that the teenager lived. If you find yourself having to make difficult decisions about the gravestone of a teenager, keep these considerations in mind.

Consideration #1: The Teenager's Personality Should Shine Through

A teenager's gravestone is something that many people will see as a representation of who the young person was. Make sure that it accurately reflects who they were and what they loved in life. Although gravestones are perceived as eerie to the point that they are used as frightening imagery in haunted houses and Halloween decorations around the country, they can actually be aesthetically pleasing monuments of peace that celebrate a life well-lived, even if it was cut tragically short.

Consideration #2: It's Okay to Include Meaningful Song Lyrics

From the Beatles to Taylor Swift, the passion that teenagers have for music can drive the nation's taste in music. As young people discover their own musical preferences and passions, music itself can seem all-consuming for a teenager. If your teenager had favorite song lyrics that can also reflect who they were or be the right fit for the gravestone, it's acceptable to use the song lyrics on the gravestone. However, only a sentence or two, at most, should be used.

Consideration #3: Dreams and Goals Are an Important Part of a Life

Although most teenagers haven't yet established their own careers in any meaningful way, nearly every teenager has goals and dreams of what their career will be. When making your decisions about the teenager's gravestone, include a few words about their ideal career and the dreams they had for their future life. A big part of a teenager's existence is figuring out who they are and what sort of life they want for themselves, so including their dreams on the tombstone is a great way of remembering the things that were important to them.

Finally, keep in mind that a teen's gravestone should be as unique as the teenager was. It's okay to take risks and offend a few relatives if the tombstone accurately reflects the teen and is an honest tribute to the young person's life. Most of all, a teenager's gravestone should reflect the love that they experienced and gave in their life. 

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