4 Things That Can Make Cremation Services More Affordable

When a person dies, they leave their body behind. Human remains must be treated with honor and dignity while they're taken care of in hygienic ways. Many people choose to have their remains cremated for the ease and convenience that cremation provides. These four things can help you secure cremation services at a price you can afford:

1. Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is an inexpensive way to access cremation services. Direct cremation occurs as soon as possible, as its name suggests. When you choose this service, the deceased person's body will be retrieved directly from the coroner. It will be cremated as soon as possible, without a viewing service, which cuts down on the amount of cold storage necessary to preserve the body. Less cold storage and no embalming services mean that direct cremation is less expensive.

2. Simple Urn

Cremated bodies can be interred in tombs or buried in cemetery plots. However, tombs and cemetery plots can cost a sizeable amount of money, as can caskets and headstones. A simple urn is the most inexpensive way to contain a person's cremains. Urns can be used to store cremains indefinitely. Your funeral home will return your cremains to you in a simple, sturdy container. If you don't plan to keep your loved one's cremains, you can choose to scatter them in an appropriate place instead. 

3. Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping can help you find the best deal on cremation services. While direct cremation is always the most inexpensive choice, exact prices can vary between funeral homes. If your budget is tight, it's worth spending some time doing extra research. Calling various funeral homes to inquire about their prices will allow you to choose the most inexpensive service. Some funeral homes may be willing to give you a discount if you explain your situation, especially if you can prove that you're currently experiencing financial hardship.

4. Prepayment Plans

Paying for cremation services in advance can help in a few different ways. First, prepaying means that your family won't have to cover your cremation costs after your gone. Prepayment can help you lock in lower rates in the event that cremation prices rise in the future. If you choose prepaid cremation services, you will have the option of choosing a payment plan that will allow you to pay the full sum over time. Paying for cremation services in installments can help you avoid facing a large bill.