Extra Services Funeral Homes Often Offer

When a loved one passes away, you typically hire a funeral home to embalm or cremate the body, host a viewing or wake, and perhaps also hold a funeral service. However, funeral homes also tend to offer a number of other, more specialized services that you can opt for if desired. Take a look at some of those services below.

Hearse Rental

If you want to have a graveside service — or even if you and your family want to have a private, somber moment when your loved one's body is brought to the cemetery — you can usually rent a hearse from the funeral home. They tend to also provide a driver for the hearse. You and perhaps a couple of loved ones can ride in the hearse, and others can drive behind it in a funeral procession. Or, you can drive behind the hearse if this makes you more comfortable.

Burial Vaults

If you would prefer your loved one to be buried in a vault, rather than directly in the ground, then you may want to ask your funeral home about burial vaults. Most funeral homes know where to source them and can order them for you. They can also make plans with the cemetery of your choice in order to have the vault installed. In your grief, you probably don't want to have to handle this sort of coordination, so it's really nice to have a funeral home do it for you.

Private Services

In addition to holding a wake and/or a funeral service for other loved ones and friends, you might want to hold a private service for your immediate family members. This can be a caring, intimate way to say goodbye without having to feel like you're performing for others or reassuring them. Your funeral director can work with you to arrange the type of service you want. It can be held before or after the wake or general funeral service.

Memorial Items

Especially if you have your loved one cremated, you may want to purchase an item to memorialize them. Funeral homes can source all sorts of different memorials for you. You can find necklaces that hold a small amount of ashes, picture frames with ashes worked into them, and so much more.

Funeral homes exist not only for the deceased, but for those who are left behind. If these funeral home services will help you through your grief, give them some consideration.