Comforting Facts About Cremation for Families

When a person passes away, their bodies and belongings are left behind. It then falls to their loved ones to make funeral arrangements and say their final goodbyes. When planning a loved one's funeral, one of the first questions that arise is what to do with their remains. Many people choose cremation due to their personal preferences or the stated wishes of their departed loved ones. Cremation is a safe, respectful way to process human remains. Here are some facts about cremation that families may find comforting:

1. People feel no pain during the cremation process.

Cremation takes place in a cremation chamber within a crematorium or funeral home. Cremation chambers are several times hotter than home ovens and other common heating appliances. This heat allows cremation chambers to turn bodies into powdery white ashes, called cremains. Some people worry about their loved one's comfort during the cremation process. However, there is nothing to fear. Once a person has passed away, their nerve endings no longer send signals to their brains, which makes the cremation process painless.

2. The cremation process can be performed in a single day.

The amount of time between a person's death and their funeral may be several days or weeks. Funerals take time to plan, and some people choose to have their loved ones embalmed for the purposes of viewing ceremonies. However, the cremation process itself is relatively fast. A body can be cremated in a single day, even allowing for the cooling time of the ashes. 

3. Direct cremation is an affordable option.

There are countless funeral packages to choose from, some of which involve body preservation techniques, such as embalming. However, economical options are available for families on tight budgets. One form of cremation, called direct cremation, is one of the most affordable options available. Bodies that undergo direct cremation are transported directly from the morgue to the crematorium, where they are immediately processed. This means that storage fees and additional mortician services are unnecessary. People who choose direct cremation can also save money by forgoing additional expenses, such as caskets and headstones.

4. Cremation can help surviving family members find closure.

The death of a family member is an emotional occurrence. It's natural to grieve when someone you love passes away, but having the opportunity to say goodbye may make it a little easier. You may have the option of participating in the cremation process by starting the kiln with the push of a button. Being present at the time of cremation can offer grieving family members much-needed closure.

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