3 Things To Do If You Want Your Ashes Scattered In The Ocean

The ocean is often thought of as a tranquil and serene locale. For anyone who is an avid marine enthusiast, having their ashes scattered in the ocean can be an attractive option.

If you are considering this type of burial for yourself, there are some important things that you need to know. Use these tips to help you successfully plan to have your ashes scattered in the ocean after you pass away.

1. Decide if You Need a Boat

It is possible to scatter a person's ashes from the shore, but many people like the idea of chartering a private boat for the occasion instead.

A private boat gives you the ability to travel further from the shore so that you have some privacy from the bustling shoreline. Your loved ones will have ample time to host a memorial ceremony prior to scattering your ashes.

Using a boat to travel further out to sea will also prevent your ashes from interfering with people swimming or recreating near the shore.

Be sure that you take into account the cost of chartering a private boat if you are making arrangements to have your ashes scattered in the ocean.

2. Select the Right Container

While there are no laws preventing your loved ones from spreading your ashes in the ocean, there are laws that limit the types of non-organic materials that can be placed into the ocean.

You will need to work closely with a funeral home to identify a suitable container for your ashes. Additionally, your loved ones should avoid placing any wreaths or flowers in the water when scattering your ashes. These items have the potential to harm the creatures that live in the ocean.

By choosing something like a biodegradable container, you ensure that your ashes will be kept safe during transit and that the container left behind won't harm the environment when it is disposed of back on shore.

3, Identify the Right Location

Your loved ones can scatter your ashes in almost any location. Special permission is only needed when entering private waters.

Take the time to look over a map and identify potential spots where you would want your ashes scattered. Visit these locations so that you can make a decision as to where your final resting place will be.

Identifying your desired location early will allow you to secure any permissions required to make your final journey into the ocean.

For more information about ocean ash scattering, contact a local funeral home.