Why and How You Should Plan Your Own Funeral

How To Deal With A Memorial Service For A Co-Worker

Dealing with the death of a co-worker can be extremely difficult. Feeling deep grief for a co-worker is totally understandable, though. After all, sometimes people spend more time with the people they work with than their own families. If you are facing some difficult feelings and worries over what to do at the cremation service for a co-worker, here are ways that you can deal with the situation that honors your co-worker and your own feelings. Read More 

Create A Memorable Memorial Video To Play At A Funeral Service

During a funeral service, there are many useful ways to remember your loved one who has recently passed away. Many families put together video slideshows, often accompanied by a sentimental soundtrack that they can play at some point during the service. If you really want to create a one-of-a-kind video production that pays homage to your late loved one, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get busy. Instead of just compiling photos, set up appointments with various people from your loved one's life and ask them questions about the person. Read More 

2 Tips For Preparing For A Funeral Service

One of the most challenging times in life is sure to be when a loved one dies. This can be an emotionally difficult time, and you'll want to do all you can to help. You may be in charge of getting the funeral service arranged, and this can even make things harder for you. It's ideal to know some tips that can enable you to do this with less stress. Read More 

Not A Mourning Person? How To Handle Complicated Emotions At A Funeral

Not everybody is suited for spells of hysterical crying after a loved one passes away. Sometimes this is true even at the funeral. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are in denial or not willing to deal with your grief if you are feeling a variety of things in the immediate aftermath of a death. When it comes to handling complex emotions after a death, many people will have certain expectations of what mourning looks like. Read More 

Tips for Making a Special Area in Your Yard for Scattering Loved One’s Ashes

When a beloved family member passes away and his or her body is cremated, you face the decision of how to deal with the ashes. Some people ask that their ashes are distributed in a special location, while others request that their ashes are kept in an urn by the family. Another idea is to scatter them in your yard; this way, you'll always feel that your loved family member is nearby. Read More