Why and How You Should Plan Your Own Funeral

3 Creative Ideas For Paying Tribute To A Loved One In A Cremation Service

A cremation service is similar to a traditional funeral in many ways, but there are also some significant differences. While showings are commonplace at funerals, they rarely happen at cremation services. Also, sometimes cremation services take place weeks or even months after a death has occurred, which means that mourners in attendance sometimes have more perspective that funeral attendees who are facing the immediate tragedy of the death. Try incorporating these ideas into a cremation service as part of celebrating the deceased person's life and paying tribute to them. Read More 

Is a Green Funeral Right for You?

For people who are worried about their ecological footprint, being environmentally conscious is not just an option for the living. It is possible to have a funeral that is eco-friendly as well. If you are considering a green funeral, here is what you need to know.   What Makes a Funeral Environmentally Friendly? In a traditional funeral, certain services are expected. For instance, embalming and caskets made of non-sustainable materials are commonplace. Read More 

Do’s And Don’ts When Planning A Veteran’s Funeral

Veterans are heroes for every American. Thanks to their service, people enjoy their freedom and all the joy that comes with it. Sadly, when it comes to planning a funeral for a veteran who has passed away, their service is sometimes forgotten. When considering veteran's funeral packages, keep these important do's and don'ts in mind. Do Acknowledge the Veteran's Service in Every Part of the Funeral A veteran has willingly chosen to risk their life for the greater good of their country and other citizens. Read More 

4 Common Mistakes You Should Never Make At Cremation Services

Nobody wants to be in the unfortunate situation of attending a cremation service for a loved one. However, when you are faced with going to a memorial service, you likely want to comfort other mourners. Unfortunately, many people inadvertently make great faux pas at memorial services that can leave people perplexed or, even worse, hurt. Avoid these common mistakes that people make at cremation services. Mistake #1: Putting Down the Deceased Read More 

Three Questions To Help You Decide If At-Home Burial Is Right For You

Although a private or at-home burial is an option that's growing in popularity in recent years, it's not an option that will ideally suit everyone. If you're pre-planning your own funeral, however, it's definitely worth giving it some thought. In some situations, a private burial may be the perfect memorial to a life well-lived. Here are three questions to ask yourself when considering this option. 1. Do you have a family property? Read More