Why and How You Should Plan Your Own Funeral

Understanding Biodegradable Urns

A part of the cremation process is choosing an urn for your remains or the remains of a loved one. The traditional urn options are made of ceramic materials or stainless steel options. These are suitable for most families. However, you may have other options in mind. If you are environmentally minded, then a biodegradable urn may be an ideal option. Here are some things to understand about biodegradable urns before you make your choice on the type you want as part of the cremation services you choose. Read More 

Comforting Facts About Cremation for Families

When a person passes away, their bodies and belongings are left behind. It then falls to their loved ones to make funeral arrangements and say their final goodbyes. When planning a loved one's funeral, one of the first questions that arise is what to do with their remains. Many people choose cremation due to their personal preferences or the stated wishes of their departed loved ones. Cremation is a safe, respectful way to process human remains. Read More 

Benefits Of Advance Funeral Planning

Because you never want to think about the possibility of losing a loved one, it doesn't mean that you should ignore preparations. On the contrary, you can help yourself and those around you through difficult times by planning. For example, if your loved one gets diagnosed with severe cancer and given only months to live. You can provide a list with information about advance funeral and burial arrangements in this situation. Read More 

Extra Services Funeral Homes Often Offer

When a loved one passes away, you typically hire a funeral home to embalm or cremate the body, host a viewing or wake, and perhaps also hold a funeral service. However, funeral homes also tend to offer a number of other, more specialized services that you can opt for if desired. Take a look at some of those services below. Hearse Rental If you want to have a graveside service — or even if you and your family want to have a private, somber moment when your loved one's body is brought to the cemetery — you can usually rent a hearse from the funeral home. Read More 

3 Ways A Funeral Home Can Help After The Loss Of A Loved One

Whether you've lost a family member or someone else close to you, the grieving process can be a long and difficult one to manage. All families struggle to deal with both the emotional toll that comes with losing a loved one as well as more concrete, immediate concerns, such as holding a funeral, that must be addressed. Fortunately, individuals in these situations can rest assured that they are not alone; funeral homes are well equipped to assist families in whatever way possible. Read More